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New for 2023, the WIAWIS ATF-DX Olympic riser comes equipped with the most cutting edge innovation in archery and the most thoughtful design to ensure the best shooting experience and results. 

Maintaining the same geometry that is loved for its stability and balance as well as the anti-torsional design, the ATF-DX now comes with Mathews EHS Harmonic dampers, which were previously only available on the Meta-DX. The addition of these dampers minimize vibration on the shot and movement of the bow, thereby improving arrow grouping and shooting experience. The ergonomic grip further increases comfort and stability. The adjustable arrow rest can be places at 4 levels to cater to any arrow and tuning needs.

  • CNC Machined from high-quality aluminum
  • Features extended clicker tube for optimal arrow tuning
  • Improved shock resistance caused by shooting and minimizes unnecessary movement, resulting in improved arrow grouping
  • Mathews EHS dampening system has been introduced to improve shot feeling, accuracy, and ultimately, arrow grouping
  • Improved grip has been developed to provide a positive sensory feeling, increasing stability
  • 25” Riser builds a 66”,68”, or 70” bow with short, medium, or long ILF limbs
  • Weight: 3 lbs. | 1360 grams


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