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Sanlida Hero X7 Youth Compound bow kit Incl.

1 pcs*Sanlida Hero X7 Youth Compound bow

3 pcs*Archery X carbon arrow

1 pcs*Bicaster ASA armguard

1 pcs Topoint 3 pin sight

1 pcs* Peep

1 pcs* arrow rest

1 pcs* D loop

1 pcs * Sling

1 pcs*  SF Quiver

1 pcs * Target face

The release aid is sold seperated. 

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*The perfect bow for junior archer.
*Durable separately limb pocket.
*Stable shooting,high precision.
*Smooth draw cycle.

  • Axle-Axel::32”
  • Draw Length::17-31.5”
  • Draw Weight::12-35lbs
  • Brace Height:6.5”
  • IBO speed:295FPS
  • color:black,white,pink
  • RH only

Sanlida Hero X7 Youth Compound bow kit

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฿5,999.00Sale Price
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