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Exceptional riser with sophisticated shooting balance customization from Fivics. Length 25in. Weight 1314g. Material 6061 aluminium and tungsten VACP system. The VACP plate can be adjusted forwards and backward, which allows for the fine tuning to optimize arrow flight. TX Balance system. Tungsten weights are inserted into the riser to add a subtle balance shift, optimizing the weight distribution.


  • VACP System adds additional fine tuning to get the best arrow flight without adjusting draw weight or arrow spine / length
  • TX Balance System features tungsten weights inserted into the base of the riser to add a subtle balance shift, optimizing the weight distribution
  • Designed with soft curves which minimize unwanted movement of the bow at release
  • Superfine Full CNC Milling with 6061 Aluminum with 1 in 1000mm precision
  • Limb alignment adjustable with M4/M5 wrench
  • Stable & Steady Geometry
  • Tight & Secure Wooden Grip
  • Deep Colored Anodizing prevents damage to the riser and adds brilliant colors
  • White, Sand, and Viva Magenta colors feature a vibrant cerakoted finish durable to weather and wear
  • Clicker Mount Thread 6/32”
  • 1,282 grams
  • ILF Compatable 



  • Anodized Black
  • Anodized Blue
  • Anodized Red
  • Anodized Sky Blue
  • Painted Viva Magenta
  • Painted White

Fivics Skadi TX Recurve riser

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