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An ideal ready to shoot carbon 4.2mm (ID) arrow for beginner, school team and club.  Good quality and good grouping of beginner arrow .  Good performance at 30m both indoor and outdoor.  


- Strong and durable micro-diameter carbon shaft

- Maximize speed and forgiveness

- TORAY Carbon Technology

- Straightness : +/- 0.003 (X3) 

- Weight tolerance per pack (12 shafts): +/- 3gn 

- Points, pins and nocks sold separately

* Ready to shoot arrows sold with Zone points, Zone insert (G) nocks and AAE/Q2 Archery vanes

* 300-800 spine shaft length 32".   900 to 1200 spine shaft length 28".


Zone Carbon X3 Ready to shoot carbon arrow ลูกธนู (dozen)

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