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Here's a beautifully built recurve riser that's suitable for archers of all skill levels at a price that's within reach for many budgets.

• Precision CNC machined aluminum riser
• Perfectly balanced in hand
• Features a hollow extended clicker tube for unique feel and sound during clicker activation
• Anodized finish options
• Easy lateral limb and tiller adjustment are accomplished at the tiller bolt
• The alignment system allows the limb and tiller bolt to be perfectly parallel
• Tiller bolts rest flush against the limb, which absorbs vibration at the shot
• Natural wood grip
• Additional stabilizer mounting positions above the sight window and above the bottom tiller bolt
• Compatible with both stick on and bolt on style rests in addition to a cushion plunger
• Mass weight: 2.93lbs
• Right or left handed
• ILF compatible

AKUSTA Fotorn 25" Recurve riser

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