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 BOSEN BOWS Black Blade   

It is an ideal set bow for benginers and youth archers. Light weight, durable quality,centre line system all the aspects from the top quality bow to Black Blade but with an entry level price.  

Riser style:Hunting bow type,ILF connection,13°For ILF limbs
CNC 17" aluminum alloy riser 800g, fit the ILF limbs,centerline adjustment
Special 3D ABS Grip
Right-hand only 

The riser can fit huting or recurve sight, fishing arrow kit, hunting arrow quiver.

Package Includes:
1pcs x Black Blade Riser

1pair x Black Blade Limbs

1pcs x String

1pcs x Hunting Rest

Warranty Info: 
The warranty is one year since you get the item,please always abide by all safety rules and use common sense or you will lose warranty. 
Important Note
1 . Never Dry Fire Your Bow 
2. Never Expose Your Bow to Reheat or Prolonged Moisture 
3. Carefully Inspect Your Bow Before and During Your Shooting or Hunting Sessions Carefully check the condition of your bowstring, limbs and riser before you shoot or hunt. A frayed bowstring should be replaced. Please contact us when you find the bow Damaged. 
4. Inspect Your Arrows Before shooting inspect for defects. Replace cracked nocks and loose fletch and discard fractured or dented arrows. 
WARNING! The bow is deadly!Always abide by all safety rules and use common sense. Children should always be supervised by an adult.


BOSEN BOWS Company handcrafts each bow to the highest of standards. From the selection of woods, to the last coat of finish, each step is done with the greatest of care. BOSEN BOWS has spent years developing and testing its line of bows, and you will see it in its work. We have designed all of our bows to give you the best in Performance, Smoothness of Draw, and Stability. Each is hand tuned and tested as it is being built so it will perform perfectly for you. 

Bosen Black Blade Hunting Recurve Bow Set

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