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The best string server in the world! 

The Beiter Winder is a serving tool born after nearly 4 years of intensive test and development. The aim was to offer a product which is not only able to fit the needs of archers, but to solve some of their problems as well.

Whilst string making is still a job that I do not look forward to doing, the silky-smooth action of the Beiter Winder can almost make the job enjoyable! The initial sales of this product took us by surprise. We are almost finding it difficult to keep up with the demand, but thanks to Beiter's efficiency, no one is having to wait too long!

For a serving tool, it is not only important to serve a serving; it is important too, how even the yarn runs on the spool, how smooth and precise the tension respectively the friction can be adjusted. This is possible with the Beiter Winder.

Using the Beiter Winder, you don't have to trouble threading the yarn through an eye: you easily clip in the yarn through a slot.

Further you can exchange an empty spool quickly and easily: another very interesting and time saving quality of this new Beiter product.


  • Easy threading through the eye: thanks to an innovative slot, you have simply to clip in the yarn.
  • Very smooth guidance.
  • Unique sliding properties of the disks, thanks to a special combination of gliding parts.
  • Exchangeable gliding-disks: the one to be normally used on American spools (the ones with pins), the others for example on Angel serving material (with no pins). This will allow highest precision and guidance.
  • Extremely fine adjustable friction and tension, thanks to the mounted puffs.
  • Easy and fast exchangeable serving spool.
  • Exchangeable body: saving money and keeping the accuracy of the tool, if it wears in the future.
  • Not included, but helpful accessories, are the Fastener with elastic band, eg. to hold the beginning of your serving on the string, especially if you serve-in a nocking point.


Serving Materials not included in the pack. 

BEITER Winder Profi String Server X-Heavy

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