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  • Adjustable V-Bar Mounts offer the most precise micro-adjustments to angle the back bars up and down or side to side for proper stabilizer / v-bar balance
  • Mount attaches to front of riser or to one of our 3in, 4in, or 5in V-bar extensions
  • Our patent pending TriLock technology features three raised boss taper surfaces on the male connector, resulting in superior contact and a stronger connection. Like a three legged stool on a cobblestone street, the TriLock taper design makes our mounts strong right where you need security and stability!
  • An added Second Lock from our Patent Pending AnchorGrip adds biting teeth with easy angular adjustability to give you added security that your bars will stay put and not loosen up
  • Integrated CenterLock quick disconnect allows you to add and remove your stabilizer quickly for transport and easy storage
  • Internal nut mounts flush with the quick disconnect for better visual appeal
  • Laser engraved indicator lines for precise micro-adjustments
  • Prevent rust with 5/16in-24 Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Ambidextrous for RH/LH use
  • Stainless Steel Eye Bolt Included for V-Bar Extension Attachment
  • CNC machined and assembled in Virginia! Made in the USA!

Axcel Trilock Adjustable off set V-Bar

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