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The AAE Freakshow Arrow Rest is a target archer’s rest built for easy adjustments. It’s got micro-tune capabilities for both windage and elevation, so you can make minute changes as you tune your bow. And it comes with two launcher blades, which you can switch out simply without having to re-tune.

  • Single hole mount features an integrated bubble allowing archers to mount the rest perfectly flat
  • Offers more surface area contact points resulting in the most consistent and repeatable removal and re-installation possible
  • Teeth on the mount and matching grooves on the rest bar help provide this additional contact in addition to acting as a reference when reinstalling or torque tuning
  • Introducing new Sling Blade technology, archers now have the ability to tune their launcher blade forward 3/4" & back 3/4" for a total travel of 1 1/2" of torque tuning without moving the rest location.
  • Features industry leading Hex blade replacement system allowing archers to replace blades without losing their tuneClassic Freakshow / Pro Blade style micro-adjustability for center-shot & center-berger

AAE Freakshow QD arrow rest for compound bow

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