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The third generation Vellator riser. Superfine full CNC milling from AL 6061. The Vellator V3 25in weighs in at only 1210g and is available in 6 anodized colour options in both RH and LH models. Supplied with a plastic grip. International Limb Fitting (ILF).

A light weight mid tier riser from Fivics. Features an adjustable limb alignment system with an M4 and an M5 wrench all possible without removing limbs. Stable and steady geometry. Attractive deep colour options from anodizing process.


  • Processing: CNC milling
  • Weight: 1210g
  • Material: AL 6061
  • Type: RH & LH
  • Grip: Plastic
  • Anodized colours
  • Riser Length: 25in
  • International Limb Fitting (ILF)



  • Stabilizer Mount Thread 5/16in - 24
  • Upstabilizer Mount Thread 5/16in - 24
  • Cushion Plunger Mount Thread 5/16in - 24
  • Clicker Mount Thread 6/32in

Fivics Vellator V3 Riser

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