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Xintuo Recurve Hard Bow Case ( Full archery set case)

Item color : Gray, Brown


Net Weight: 1.8kg

Size:95 x22.5 x12.8cm / 37.4x9x5"


Package:1pc Bow Case( without others)
Fit for:Takedown Bow,Arrows,Aaccessory storage
Advantages: Anti-scratch; Shockproof; Waterproof; Dustproof; Good sealing.


Anti-wear, toughness and impact resistance, providing lasting and effective protection.

Large capacity, reasonable layout, multi-region storage design, can be classified and placed according to different types of accessories.

Utilize the arc principle and the embedded technology to make the box stronger and increase the shock absorption performance.

The surface is made of frosted design to reduce the abrasion of the box body, and the interior contains sponge, which is shock-proof, pressure-proof and anti-collision.

Double zipper design, easy to operate, portable, can be carried on the shoulder or handle, suitable for use in various scenarios.

Xintuo Recurve hard bow case กระเป๋าใส่ธนู( full archery set) | bow bag

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