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  • Premium riser made for serious competition. 
  • Tried, tested and approved by Korean professional archers. 
  • Made for vibration dampening and stability. 
  • Easy and comfortable to use. 
  • Medium-rise wooden grip. 
  • Simple adjustment for stress-free tuning.
  • Riser length 25"
  • Riser weight 1320g
  • Material: 6061 T6 Aluminium
  • Processing: CNC Machined
  • ILF system

At the top of the line up, the Ascent riser combines all of the innovations developed for Sebastien Flute Archery Products. Power, design, geometry, and a limb adjustment system have made the Ascent a top level archer's riser. That's why many Korean archers have already chosen it!

Novel Alignment Adjustment System - We studied how to make something simpler and more robust. What we created it the simplest but the most functional alignment system available. From the first time of use, you can immediately understand the function. It's elegant design is also highly effective.

Limb Pocket - This strong and minimalist limb pocket design is the product of long experience. This completely new design combines many elements for durability, convenience and robustness, all thoroughly tested until we were completely satisfied.

Ergo Grip - As everyone knows, the grip is very important, having a huge effect on performance. For thie reason we have put a lot of effort into this design to provide comfort and stability to create a grip that is helpful for good performance.

Geometry - The riser is designed to be both strong and beautiful, with a powerful design where every element combines for best performance during shooting. This design is our signature.

Sebastien Flute SF Ascent Riser

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