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Premium quality
Unlike inferior arrow quivers, the XT320 archery quiver from Legend is made from tough, weatherproof woven nylon. We researched common issues about competitor’s recurve bow accessories, and then set out to engineer one of the best quiver for arrows money can buy. With attention to detail and unparalleled commitment to quality, the XT320 quiver comfortably sits on your hip.

Powerful, practical, portable
Our recurve bow quiver is packed with features that makes it a cut above the rest:

  • Adjustable: with an adjustable 42” waist strap, our quiver and archery equipment fits most people
  • Left and right: Legend hip quivers for arrows come in both left and right handed models
  • Colors: XT320 bow and arrow quivers come in a range of eight colors to suit every taste
  • Quick release: take off your arrow holder in a snap, with the quick release waist buckle
  • Front facing: our recurve quiver is front facing for easy access

Ultra tough design
Legend quivers are crafted from super durable materials that are designed to withstand the elements. Each archery hip quiver is made from water resistant nylon to protect your arrows for recurve bows from rain and snow. In addition, the XT320 hip quiver features reinforced stitching to guard against rips, snags and tears out in the field.

Three arrow compartments
With ample space to store your archery arrows, Legend hip quivers feature three convenient arrow tubes that are always easily within reach. All our bow and arrow accessories are meticulously developed over hundreds of hours of testing and refinement in consultation with archery professionals.

Legend XT320 Target quiver

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