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KSL Jet6 Vane is developed, inspired by world’s top level coach Kisik Lee, and unparalleled in performance upon its unique technologies and design, now available in the all new shark profile.

KSL Jet6 Vanes are result of long period of development inspired by Coach Kisik Lee's research and coaching experience.
KSL Jet6 Vanes will show unparalleled performances that have not been witnessed in any other vanes. As an archery coach, I firmly believe that this newest technology embedded in KSL Jet6 Vanes will increase average scores of all archery competitors worldwide. I expect new world records set with KSL Jet6 Vanes. I truly believe that KSL Jet6 Vanes will help improving personal best scores for all levels of competitors.

As an engineering expert, Professor Woongchul Dan Choi, provides his analysis on how KSL Jet6 Vanes improve the flight of arrow.
KSL Jet6 Vanes are designed with close attention to the aerodynamic research. It is very important to control the flow field around vanes to stabilize the flight of arrow.

The developer architected six airways on the vane. Inner flows created by additional three airways pull the entire vortex structure to be converged. This effect ultimately reduces the drag force and alleviates the archer’s paradox quickly. As a result, you will get a stable formation of arrow impact points.

K & K KSL Jet6 Shark Vanes 4"

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