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Archery America NITRO Compound Bow Target, Hunting & Fishing bow

Bow Weight: 4.7 Lbs
Draw Weight:30-55lbs(One Circle about +/-3lbs)

IBO :320fps

Draw Length range :26-28.5" 

Brace Height :7.3" 

Lef off:  55%,65%,80% Bow

Riser: CNC riser, laminated bow limbs

Shooting type:  finger release, release aid if D-Loop on

Quantity:1 Set



Add 99 Baht now and get hunting accessorires kit (3pins sight, stablizer, brush arrow rest, sling, allen key, D Loop) 


Junxing Walker Eagle Nitro bow Arrow Movie ยิงธนูยิงปลาCompound Bowลามิเนต

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฿19,999.00Sale Price
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