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Many target archers shoot both a thumb button release and a hinge. Here's a solid, well-built release that converts simply from one type to the other. So it's the perfect choice for the archer who shoots both releases

• Designed in collaboration with Reo Wilde to create a release that can be shot as a hinge or a thumb button style release
• Anodized aluminum on one side and nickel plated brass on the other to give a heavier feel to the release
• Factory set as a thumb activated release with both trigger tension and trigger travel adjustments
• Locking screws for both adjustment screws to ensure a consistent trigger release every time
• Easily changes to a hinge style release with 3 easy steps
• Micro adjustable hinge adjustments for precise movements
• Hinge mode and trigger mode are independent of each other meaning adjustments made in trigger mode will not affect the sensitivity in hinge mode and vice versa
• Includes 3 and 4 finger articulated finger extensions

TRU BALL GOAT release aid

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