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The Inno CXT is a superb riser ด้ามธนูfrom Win & Win, featuring a unique weight control system, allowing you to customise the riser to suit your needs.

Made to maximise the properties of carbon, the Win & Win INNO CXT riser minimises unnecessary limb movement when an arrow is released. This makes shooting far more stable and efficient by lessening the wasted energy lost as vibration. The INNO CXT is so pioneering it won a Red Dot Design Award.

The problem of twisting and bending in carbon risers is a thing of the past. WIN&WIN engineers solved these issues with improvements to the moulding process used to make the INNO CXT. It is possible to achieve practically perfect limbs and riser alignment with W & W bows.

  • 25"1250g, 27" 1300g and 23" 1130g
  • RH (all sizes)
  • LH (25 inches only)
  • Carbon Graphite / Carbon
  • Side weight: flat and head (25g/EA)

Win & Win Inno CXT Recurve Riser ด้ามธนู

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