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Here's the new-for-2019 Hoyt Velos limbs, which are the fastest recurve limbs Hoyt has built. Count on seeing these at top competitions.

• Culmination of all Hoyts previous limbs technologies brought into the Velos
• All new carbon skin to give sleek and high performance look to the limb
• Newly designed high strength limb tips
• Narrower limb design optimizes torsional stability, speed and create a more forgiving limb
• Bamboo core creates a forgiving and accurate limb while still being ultra-fast
• New wedge design and material aids in stability and accuracy for a crisp and dynamic shot feel
• Formula style limb designed for Hoyt Grand Prix risers


Note: Formula (F) limbs are match Formula risers. Grand Prix(GP) limbs is IFL system. Please check your risers system before you purchase limbs. 


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