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Advanced engineering combines with a sleek, parallel profile to deliver tournament gold with the Easton A/C/G. A/C/G is built on the precision Alloy/Carbon foundation to give archers long-range grouping advantage in the parallel shaft category.

Aluminum/Carbon/Gold starts with a precision-drawn alloy core tube and adds specialized carbon overlays that use the same construction basis as all Easton A/C arrow models. Purpose-built for tournament and training use, A/C/G offers superior durability, low wind drift and consistent down range grouping.

A/C/G arrows fly true, group tight, and win big. Choose small diameter Easton A/C/G for superior performance to take your game to a new level.


  • Slim, parallel profile.
  • High-Strength carbon fiber bonded to a 7075 aerospace alloy core tube.
  • Polished black carbon finish.
  • Guaranteed straightness: +/- .002"
  • Weight tolerance: +/- 1.0 grains
  • Available sizes: 430.480.540.610.660.710.810.880.1000.1150.1300.1500
  • Components sold separately



  • Points:
    • ACE One Piece 50gr (fits 610-1500 sizes)
    • ACE Break-Off 60-70-80gr, 80-90-100gr, 100-110-120gr (fits 610-1500 sizes)
    • ACG Break-Off 70-80-90gr, 100-110-120gr (fits 430, 480 and 540 sizes)
  • Insert Nocks:
    • Easton G Nocks
  • Pin Nocks:
    • ACE Pin (fits 610-1500 sizes)
    • ACG Pin (fits 430, 480 and 540 sizes)
    • ACE and ACG Pins accept both Easton Pin Nock and Easton G Pin Nock options.

Easton Arrow Chart/Arrow Selection

Easton ACG shaft ด้าม (12pcs)

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