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Item Name: Archery ILF Bow Riser

Draw Length (in.):28"

Handle length:19"

Package Include: 1 set ILF Bow Riser

Material:6061 high-end aluminum alloy.
Fit For: ILF Limb alignment system,fit for all ILF limbs.

1. The surface of the bow handle is anodized (matte), resistant to acid and alkali, and corrosion.

2. The built-in four modular shock absorption system of the bow handle better absorbs the excess vibration generated by the rebound reaction force during shooting, improves the service life of the bow handle, and provides more sensitive response and smoother operation for the shooter.
3. Bosen special carbon pattern push handle,Comfortable, long-lasting and Efficient performance.
4. More scientific wind tunnel design and bridge design balance the midpoint of the bow riser, making the bow riser stronger and bow body lighter.
5. Double curved surface arrow table reduces the contact surface of the arrow, greatly improving stability.

BOSEN BOWS Company handcrafts each bow to the highest of standards. 

From the selection of woods, to the last coat of finish, each step is done with the greatest of care. 

BOSEN BOWS has spent years developing and testing its line of bows, and you will see it in its work. 

We have designed all of our bows to give you the best in Performance, Smoothness of Draw, and Stability. 

Each is hand tuned and tested as it is being built so it will perform perfectly for you. 

Bosen Reaper 19" Traditional hunting / barebow riser

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